Sustainable living

Here are a few products and lifestyle options we have for online purchases shipped to your door. Solar Products, Wind Energy, Eco Paints, Organic Permaculture produce, Music lessons, Micro Brewery and Distilling products and sales and some healthy Adventure trip options.

Our Offerings

Some of the products we offer in the region to assist you with an Off-Grid lifestyle offering products and advice from Farming to Generating your own energy efficiently.

Solar Products

Sustainable Living Products

Choose from some Solar : Spots, Lighting, Torches, Fans with lights, Fairy Lights and 220v Load shedding lights. Full off-grid Solar and wind solutions as well. We also have a range of ECO paints (non Flammable cement based)

Herbs, Vegetables, Gardening

Organic Farm products

We have a limited supply of Organic herbs and seasonal produce (cuttings/seedlings) such as Strawberries, Spring onions, Garlic chives, Coriander, Dill, Ginger, Sage, Basil, Spinach, Kale, Tomatoes, Carrots, Mielies, Sunflowers, Beans, Peas, Squash, Butternut, 

Eco Adventures

Eco Adventures

Join us for some amazing hiking in the region including mountain biking, 3 Lake boating trips, Bhanga Nek beach walks, Surfing and Kite Surfing trips to Mozambique nearby.

Brewery and Distilling

Brewery & Distilling

For a full off grid lifestyle best to get involved with Brewing your own beer and distilling Gin etc. More info here....



We have a range of educational products such as learning to play Guitar, Saxophone, Drumming etc. to Permaculture, Construction, Maintenance etc. More info here....



Photos of this region have been taken over the past 15 years and need to be identified, filed and linked in a website for using as a ID App with future links to cell phone ID app. Volunteering required for this. Pending...

Music Club

Music PA Rentals

We have a few PA systems that are able to operate off grid and have them available for rent in the Kosi Bay region. Systems include JBL PA system, JBL Partbox, 3 x Wireless Microphones, Mike stands...

Music Club Open mike evenings

Open Mike Music club

You welcome to hire us to host a open mike music club where we will be available to play music tutor anyone before to perform that evening as well. Ideal to assist your guest to entertain each other in the evenings.

Bhanga Boogy & Live Music Festival


We will hopefully promoting a few festivals a year hosted at Bhanga Nek when they are finished the restoration of the camp site on the beach. There will be a Bhanga Boogy Rave with live music in the afternoon and evenings.

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Services (pending)

Permaculture Training
Solar Power training
Off-Grid construction training
Biodiversity research Volunteer


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