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Your lifestyle will determine how happy your are if well balanced and the issues below need to be balanced giving time to all of these issues especially living off-grid possibly with limited contact with people especially if you are doing this on your own.


Get involved in activities for no return by volunteering or joining causes making your voice heard on issues that you are passionate about. Our Facebook pages focus on issues that are extremely important to bio-diversity and the sustainability of our planet. This also includes doing things for yourself like studying music or something that only you benefit from and not expecting anything in return from anyone. This also includes understanding your origins and joining the debate and volunteering and signing petitions on issues that need to be addressed.


Your health is incredibly important especially in the current environment we have to face with work pressures and a total disaster when it comes to the food supply chain especially by the food giants out there supplying seed and pesticides such as Monsanto! We try and advise on how to live a good healthy lifestyle with activities we recommend with food choices that should keep you healthy and strong. Like our Facebook page to be kept up to date with healthy, organic, Non GMO, natural remedies etc. 


Assets are what the economists want you to pile up whether it is a house, cars, TV’s, financial assets etc. The more you accumulate the more you become a slave to their demands! In saying this it is however extremely difficult to break away from getting sucked into the system! However when you do manage to drop off the radar you will never go back! With the current world financial crisis, caused by your funds being mismanaged by corrupt politicians and officials, my advise would be to get rid of assets because the more tangled you are in their web of deceit the more you are going to have to support the financial mess they have created. Like Facebook Page.


Too many people complete their studies then think they are done with stimulating themselves.. you should never stop intellectually stimulating yourself by taking courses or get involved with a club that enable you to learn from others whether it be a photographic club, scuba diving, astronomy etc. Even learning how to do pottery or paint... studying music stimulates you intellectually as you learn to develop your talents in these fields. Get to know the environment around you, understand the food you eat, your body, your origins... 


Manage the available time you have to include time with your close family. Try and combine lifestyle options by including your family in your healthy outdoor activities such as hiking together on photographic excursions or Mountain biking through the region to discover and identify biodiversity and the beauty of the region intellectually together. We will include some of these options on our Adventure page for ECO adventures in the near future....Check the events we share on our Facebook Health page and Like ti to be kept up to date.


Having fun together with friends on a regular basis is important as with family also combining your sporting interests like Scuba diving, Surfing  or Kite surfing in Mozambique nearby or at Bhanga Nek nearby. Try and make a routine out of this to be once a week or once a month to head somewhere to socialise and have fun. We will include some of these options on our Adventure page for ECO adventures in the near future.... Check the website we manage on this region here 

Unique Work Experience

Our lifestyle solutions are worth a visit to get an idea of how to reduce your impact on the environment and to live a sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy a Cup of Coffee, Espresso or one of our locally brewed micro brewery beers and Distilled Gin, Vodka in the near future. We will also be producing CBD oils for those needing a medical boost to prevent cancer.

Sundowners View

Only Organic Farming methods used

We are growing plenty vegetables and herbs on very sandy soil requiring fertiliser so make use of cow dung, natural products using Guano, kelp etc. and compost from our own grass cutting etc.

Solar & Wind Energy to reduce costs

Besides reducing costs with Load shedding power outages it is important to secure your property and look after those on your property. We have solutions for you to assist in achieving this.

Discover the range of off grid solar products we have to light up your home especially living in a region where security is important and power outages are regular if you have a connection. Select HERE for products.

We have a limited supply of Wind Generators to supplement your solar panels when poor weather reduces their charging capability. Select HERE for products. Select HERE for more info.

Concrete is a functional, economical and cementitious coating system. Supplied in powder form and mixed with water to produce a liquid paint. The product allows water damp molecules to evaporate from the substrate or damp saturated walls without allowing any water to penetrate the substrate from the exterior environment. It is available in a range of colours and presents a smooth finish. Select HERE for more details

Music is an important part of your intellectual and Spiritual lifestyle energy, which will definitely lift your spirits when often alone living off-grid but will give you an essential socialising tool to have fun with friends when your get together regularly.

Currently we have a limited supply of organic farm produce from Herbs to Vegetables, which we grown aiming towards supplying 10 people food daily using a permaculture farming technique. Welcome to head here for small quantities of product we will weigh and sell to you below your normal market costs. Will probably take another year to achieve this (June 2022). We will introduce Farming in this region as a subject as well in the near future.

We currently brew our own beer and am about to start distilling some locally branded products using Water Berry, Mango and various berries only found in this region... We will supply brewing products and training as well in the future.

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